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Sep. 10, 2014:
A total of 174 experimentally verified S-nitrosylation sites on 94 S-nitrosylated proteins from individualized human colorectal cancer tissues using a label-free quantitation strategy.


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Version: 2.0
(Sep. 15, 2014)

Download dbSNO v2

dbSNO release 2.0 currently accumulates a total of 2,277 s-nitrosylated proteins, consisting of 4,165 cysteine s-nitrosylation instances, from 276 biomedical articles. Based on the S-Alkylating Labeling Strategy (Chen et al., 2010), a total of 586 unique S-nitrosylation sites, which are corresponding to 384 proteins in S-nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine (SNAP)/L-cysteinetreated mouse MS-1 endothelial cells, and decoding the S-Nitrosoproteomic atlas in individualized human colorectal cancer tissues using a label-Free quantitation strategy (Chen et al., 2014), a total of 174 unique S-nitrosylation sites, which are corresponding to 94 proteins, have been integrated. Additionally, more than 3,400 experimental S-Nitrosylation sites are manually curated from over 250 pertinent literatures using text mining method to systematically filter research articles related to cystein S-nitrosylation. All of the collected S-Nitrosylated peptides are mapped to the protein entries of UniProt release 2013-07, which have the detailed functional annotation for each protein.
Thus, the data set that we provide you with includes (tab-delimited):
  • UniProt ID
  • UniProt AC
  • Organism
  • Position
  • Sequence

#Data of OrganismNumber of S-nitrosylated ProteinsNumber of Cysteine S-nitrosylation InstancesDownload Data
1All of dbSNO v2 Data24164869dbSNOv2_all_data.txt.gz
1M. musculus33513259dbSNOv2_M_musculus_data.txt.gz
2H. sapiens12501250dbSNOv2_H_sapiens_data.txt.gz
3R. norvegicus139139dbSNOv2_R_norvegicus_data.txt.gz
4A. thaliana5858dbSNOv2_A_thaliana_data.txt.gz
5E. coli4545dbSNOv2_E_coli_data.txt.gz
6B. taurus77dbSNOv2_B_taurus_data.txt.gz
7O. cuniculus44dbSNOv2_O_cuniculus_data.txt.gz
8S. cerevisiae33dbSNOv2_S_cerevisiae_data.txt.gz
9S. scrofa22dbSNOv2_S_scrofa_data.txt.gz
10HIV type 122dbSNOv2_HIV_type_1_data.txt.gz
11Epstein-Barr virus11dbSNOv2_Epstein-Barr_virus_data.txt.gz
12A. vinelandii11dbSNOv2_A_vinelandii_data.txt.gz
13G. gallus11dbSNOv2_G_gallus_data.txt.gz
14P. aeruginosa11dbSNOv2_P_aeruginosa_data.txt.gz
15T. alalunga11dbSNOv2_T_alalunga_data.txt.gz
16R. erythropolis11dbSNOv2_R_erythropolis_data.txt.gz
17C. papaya11dbSNOv2_C_papaya_data.txt.gz
18T. cruzi11dbSNOv2_T_cruzi_data.txt.gz