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Sep. 10, 2014:
A total of 174 experimentally verified S-nitrosylation sites on 94 S-nitrosylated proteins from individualized human colorectal cancer tissues using a label-free quantitation strategy.


Protein Name: Thymidylate kinase

UniprotKB/SwissProt ID: KTHY_HUMAN (P23919)

Gene Name: DTYMK

Synonyms: CDC8, TMPK, TYMK

Organism: Homo sapiens (Human).

Function: Catalyzes the conversion of dTMP to dTDP.

Other Modifications: View all modification sites in dbPTM

Protein Subcellular Localization:

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Network with metabolic pathway:
Kegg map ID Pathway Link
map00240Pyrimidine metabolism
Graphical Visualization of S-nitrosylation Sites:
Overview of Protein S-nitrosylation Sites with Functional and Structural Information

3D Structure Databases:
3D structure databases
EntryMethodResolution (A)ChainPositionsView
1E2D X-ray 1.65 A A1-212Link
1E2E X-ray 2.00 A A1-212Link
1E2F X-ray 1.60 A A1-212Link
1E2G X-ray 1.70 A A1-212Link
1E2Q X-ray 1.70 A A1-212Link
1E98 X-ray 1.90 A A1-212Link
1E99 X-ray 1.80 A A1-212Link
1E9A X-ray 1.60 A A1-212Link
1E9B X-ray 1.70 A A1-212Link
1E9C X-ray 1.60 A A1-212Link
1E9D X-ray 1.70 A A1-212Link
1E9E X-ray 1.60 A A1-212Link
1E9F X-ray 1.90 A A1-212Link
1NMX X-ray 1.70 A A1-212Link
1NMY X-ray 1.60 A A4-212Link
1NMZ X-ray 1.75 A A1-212Link
1NN0 X-ray 1.60 A A1-212Link
1NN1 X-ray 1.90 A A1-212Link
1NN3 X-ray 1.55 A A1-212Link
1NN5 X-ray 1.50 A A1-212Link
2XX3 X-ray 2.00 A A1-212Link

The S-nitrosylation sites of KTHY_HUMAN

No. Position S-nitrosylated Peptide Secondary Structure of S-nitrosylated Peptide Solvent Accessibility of nitrosylated Site Substrate Motifs PubMed ID Experiment
131TQSRKLVEAL C AAGHRAELLR   2.92%HC0122178444-
231TQSRKLVEAL C AAGHRAELLR   2.92%HC0119483679in vivo